Everyone has a reason when creating a blog, including myself. Creating a blog has occurred to me since a few years ago, but only really realized and run regularly for several years. Why did I create a blog? Here are some reasons:

It is my love to be able to share with others about everything that can bring benefits. If you ask me what activities I enjoy most then the answer is when I hold a marker and teach in front of a class or a forum. There is an incredible pleasure that can not be told when the process is running. By creating blogs, the sharing I do becomes more widespread and not just happening in the classroom when giving presentations, training, or delivery of course materials.

Actually, I’ve created a blog account on Blogger since a few years ago. But the account is not growing and my writing is also stagnant. One of the reasons is the look that I personally think is less interesting so it makes me less active in writing. Until finally after browsing and comparison here and there to various engine blog, I decided to choose WordPress. Apparently, the choice is not wrong and I get new energy.

Creating a blog at once as a Personal Branding event for me. Of course in a positive sense that is creating a container where I work and create a personal touch in it. Through the blog, a little more people will know who I am, how my mind, what I care about, and what areas I am interested and mastered. Therefore, I personally recommend for those of you who have not created a blog to get started. Whether you are a public figure or an ordinary person at least you can make the blog as a personal diary where to devote all the things of concern. Through the blog, people will know you better and have the opportunity to interact more deeply even though physically never met. Yes, this is one of the forms of the Internet century.

When we write, then we are also learning about what is written in more depth. The same is true when you teach a science to others, then you are actually learning it more deeply. When I write for this blog, not infrequently I also have to reopen various books I’ve ever read and learned. And this re-learning process is really something I’m grateful for helping to strengthen and reinforce what I’ve learned and mastered before.

As far as I understand, the writing activity is able to tie the science we had before that was only there in our head or chest into a permanent written form and can be spread to others. I personally believe the process of tying this science not only becomes a writing but further something in mind will come down to feelings and hearts. In the end, it becomes a science written not only on paper or computer screen but it is embedded within and becomes inherent in our person.

Maybe you have another reason to write a blog? Please share your experience as learning for other readers.

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