Reasons for Alcohol Lower Pregnancy Opportunities

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For most people, consuming a glass of wine after dinner is a habit. The sensation when sipping wine after dinner can make a feeling more relaxed, especially after working all day. Apart from wine, there are many other types of alcohol that are usually consumed by connoisseurs. Is part of the lifestyle, consuming alcohol is now not even on special days or after dinner. Even in the gathering after the office, sometimes alcohol has become a drink that is mandatory. You need to read more this article to find out.

However, did you know that actual alcohol can reduce the chance of getting pregnant? Not only for men but also for men. According to research conducted by Dr. Dara Godfrey from Reproductive Medicine Associates, New York, if a partner is planning a pregnancy it is better to stop consuming alcohol. For prospective mothers who consume as much as one to two glasses of wine a week can reduce the chance to get pregnant by up to a third of the chance to get pregnant

From the research he did, he studied 91 women who were undergoing IVF or IVF. It is known from research that women who do not consume alcohol have a chance of pregnancy up to 90 percent. Meanwhile, the chance of pregnancy in women who drink more than three glasses of wine per week actually drops to two-thirds.

Other studies also state that consumption of alcohol with low levels also turns out to interfere with fetal development and pregnancy. This is what causes a woman to get pregnant when consuming alcohol. From the research conducted by Dara, it was also found that even though women consume alcohol in accordance with the recommended limits of health agencies, the chances of pregnancy still being disturbed. He stated that if indeed couples want to get pregnant should limit consumption of alcohol of any type or even stop altogether.

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