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Never technological advances, keeping even those who do not like technology constantly on their toes. There are many complaints about which technology is taking us and the learning curve needed to keep up with the Joneses. But. when it comes to something basic as the music we listen to, however, everyone keeps going up; music is part of who we are and what defines us, so that every progress in our music is seen as our inner face. There is nothing we will not do to hear the music better.

Size is another advantage. In addition to being able to fit other songs on the player, files can be uploaded quickly, download faster, and share at the speed of light. The obvious problem is that organizing file trading becomes important, but it also becomes difficult. After all, it now becomes easy for trading files, because all you need to do is to share links to files, and then anyone with those links can download music. More importantly, it means that music can be downloaded for free; the recording company obviously did not like the feature, but that made it great for promotional purposes, or sharing the music that was only earned at the concert that night.

Of course, the interesting advantage of MP3s is that they can be easily added to every presentation. Its small size means that they can add other things without adding too much to the size of things. Music is something universal, and capable of breaking down barriers. When you realize that not only music can be traded in this way, as artificial broadcasting and personal recording can also be converted to MP3, you start wondering what else can be shared, such as beliefs and concepts to be declared aliens. Thus, by the trade of music, you are trading the mind as well, and the world becomes all that much smaller.

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